Crazy Shift times

I have writers block today. There is much to write about but finding words to put down is difficult. I work 2pm to 10 pm today. This is significant because after working the same hours tomarrow, she wants me to go back in at 5am on Thursday. I’m not sure that will work. My psych meds usually keep me knocked out for at 8 hours after taking them at bed time.

A large part of me wants to rage about this. It is burning in me right now, in fact. Being very new on the job makes me anxious about how to handle this. I know that I them that I am available at any shift but I have never encountered such lunacy as requiring such dramatic divisions of time from day to day. When i said that i was available, I assumed that it meant for any shift, not available 24/7!

I shall try reasoning with them. I’d like to keep the job but not at the expense of my emotional well being. Giving it more thought, I will request a reasonable accommodation requiring at least 10 hours between shifts of the effects of psych meds, particularly seroquel. I’ve called M, my prescriber,  and am waiting for a call back from her or her nurse. This shouldn’t be so hard. I haven’t had a job with such screwy hours in 30 years. I figured a job at a big box store would be a no brainer.


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