Hell is stigma

It has been some time since my mood has been as dark as it is now. Recent events have had odd repercussions. I have been swinging from excited to very depressed. I’ve bitched and whined incessantly for the last three days. I wanted to go back to work. Now that i have gotten that goal, I can’t stop complaining about almost everything. I’ve about had it with myself. Worse still is that i can’t seem to stop. Someone told me recently that being bipolar doesn’t matter, or maybe that is not what was said, I  don’t know.

Somebody stop this ride, I  want off! I like how people are all,  careful what you say,  and you don’t mean that. ..I’ve got news.

This is a draft of something that i started a few days ago. I still feel that way but not to the degree that i was, that’s for sure. But it is still in me. Medicine doesn’t control how i feel or act. I do, with help from the meds. The percentage of people who are ill is large. 5%of the general population shudders with anxiety and depression according to the CDC. One out of twenty people, which means that everyone has a excellent chance of knowing or being mentally ill.

Mentally ill. Quite a title, huh. The problem with this title is that for too long, it had been synonymous with retardation, criminal behavior, and other unsavory conditions or actions. The stigma must be broken.

One out of twenty, and that is only depressive disorders. The next time you link psychiatric illnesses with those things just mentioned, that might someday be thinking about yourself or someone you know.


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