An interview

Next week I go for a job interview for which I am qualified. It isn’t a business job, actually, it’s a technical job similar to what I was doing before becoming disabled.

I hope to get this job. I may know the super over maintenance there at this job. If it is who I think it is, I may stand a chance to get the job.

I am disheartened that of the many applications that I’ve put out, I didn’t get but one interview that was business related.

My next hurdle will be to get into rehab to detox from 10 years of prescribed opioid use. While I still have pain, I need to do this for the job and for myself.


My first post. Money, who needs it?

We are facing a very serious dilemma. Despite the fact that people and companies worldwide work and produce items needed for life, if a country, or countries economies collapse, all work will stop and people will suffer and die. We must find a system that will enable production and provide a means by which people can get the necessities of life. Of course there have been attempts, such as bartering that have had limited success. The problem with bartering is that many occupations do not have tangible products to be bartered. I think that there must be a way to overcome this problem.

An important component of this is that people are competitive and want more than the next guy. Getting more isn’t really that important as long as one’s needs are met. So at a personal level, any system put in place must allow people to not only get food, water, clothes and etc, but also the extras that humans crave. Perhaps a universal world currency based not completely on possession but rather on the amount of work that can be done by the individual or even a societal group. Then secondary might be a second system to address the worth of resources and then a way to procure and disseminate finished goods.

These ideas are preliminary and need a tremendous amount of work to evolve but I think it should be in the front of everyone’s mind.  We are already seeing the failure of countries. Sometimes the mere printing of money provides an avenue by which people continue with their lives.  This isn’t the cure as we all know,  but think about it. There are still people able and ready to work and resources available to work with.  How do we link these together so that no matter what, life goes on. Okay, there it is! Send me your thoughts . Good,  bad, or whatever is on your mind.