An interview

Next week I go for a job interview for which I am qualified. It isn’t a business job, actually, it’s a technical job similar to what I was doing before becoming disabled.

I hope to get this job. I may know the super over maintenance there at this job. If it is who I think it is, I may stand a chance to get the job.

I am disheartened that of the many applications that I’ve put out, I didn’t get but one interview that was business related.

My next hurdle will be to get into rehab to detox from 10 years of prescribed opioid use. While I still have pain, I need to do this for the job and for myself.


I’m going to try to pursue a new career. With many years of experience in mechanics and as an electrician plus my business degree, I hope to find a job I can merge the knowledge of these into a job somewhere.

I’m working with an employment service now to attain my goal. My goal is to be in a new job before July of this year.

Damn, this is alright!

This post some may find offensive or crude. If you find bodily functions unreadable;


As some of you know i have small bowel malrotation in addition i have dealt with chronic pain syndrome and horrible constipation. That is behind me now. Last Monday i had a procedure done that has made me a bm rock star! 4 times yesterday but it might just as well have been ten cause I can go to the bathroom.     Just sayin’.




The 4th of July. A national holiday in the US. Today maybe should think about a different thing to be independent of, or should I say things. Things like alcohol, and illicit drugs  ,the very things that many people use to celebrate. Freedom from illness, mental and physical would be nice too. But all of the aforementioned things are pipe dreams. I’m going off the subject for a moment.

The reason i say that change won’t happen is because it is like the global oil situation. As long as there is oil to pump and cars, trucks and airplanes to put it in, then oil will be pumped until it is gone. Drug companies have a lot of money invested in chemicals. Until there is incentives to do more research, they will ride cash cows till the patients come home.

Too early to tell? Maybe people need to be shocked and angered and annoyed. Big manufacturers would say the there is no chance of that happening and they are right. It would take a big change in the way people think to make any real change.