Ah, sleep…? I wish!

I have been very fatigued lately and after complaining about it to my dr he sent me to the sleep lab. It turns out that I have apnea. I am all to familiar with it because my wife has it and use a machine at night. I can’t get my machine yet though because Dr was out on vacation and it put him behind so now I’m waiting to hear from them.

I’m pretty sure that being bipolar has nothing at all to do this though, no way.😉 Nor could it be the various drugs(prescription) that I take daily for bipolar, depression, pain and muscle spasms… No way. I dislike being somnolent during the day. It makes just trying to stay active so hard to do. I’ve been reading about being one’s own advocate. It seems to me that it is time for me to be a tiny bit more proactive and we if I can get the ball rolling on the sleep problem. Stay tuned. Updates to come.


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