I am

I am back once again to tell more of my story. Since the last time that I wrote, around the time of my surgery at first of 2016 things have been mostly average. The average day means going to work, try not to soil myself then go home and then, I’m front of the TV. Exciting, huh.

 Recently, I awoke with a new pain and it hurt enough to go to the doctor who sent me for a abdominal CT scan with contrast. I figured that it would come back negative but in fact, it shows adhesions sticking my small bowel to the front wall of my abdomen.  No doctor wants to hardly talk to me about it here so if something needs to be done, I’ll have to go back to St Louis. 

I don’t want to go back to St Louis. I don’t want to do anything about this at all which is my prerogative, of course. Things are still moving mostly and I’m not nauseous so there is no real emergency now. Part of the reason that I don’t want to go back it’s because the surgeon doesn’t communicate very well. He does give me options and explained things that i ask about but goes no further in order to instill confidence.

I haven’t heard from him since my GP said that he was going to send the info and scan to the him. When I do, I wonder what, if anything he will suggest. A couple more tests might be in order but I don’t know what they might be. I will agree to do diagnostic tests but I have no desire for more surgery. The last time that I told the surgeon that, he almost just sent me home because he “didn’t want to put me through any tests unnecessarily” I get that now, I guess. However, l I think that it might be worthwhile to ascertain what areas are involved, whether the adhesion is causing any blockage, and etc. I guess I’ll have to wait to see if he shows any concern at all first.

I knew that the possibility there for adhesions but thought that it was worth the risk. The resolution of the severe constipation did make the surgery worth it. Despite mild fecal incontinence and now, an increase in pain it was worth it.

Now it’s time wait and see what happens. The ball is in the surgeons court.


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