The challenge

Living this life is sometimes a challenge, sometimes a nightmare. And it can switch back and forth from one day to the next. This is the life of bipolar disorder. I don’t like it much because even I’m medicated and “under control” life can go sideways and I’m out of control. ..just like that.

So is life with invisible illnesses. One said before that the difference between “sick” people and normals is that normals won’t take the tests. But, for sure, once diagnosed life is never normal again. One might then that a dx would be the path to treatment but often this isn’t the case because politics come into play.

Politics dictate that one must be a certain level of sickness or must be certifiable. In other words, unless you are puking blood there will be lots of hoops to jump through in order to get help. I like politicians who talk about helping people in need. It’s probably true. You just have to prove that you’re in need.


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