Reality sinks in.

Now that the anesthesia has worn off, I can bring a little more insight about how to live without a colon. First off, everything that exits is liquid. Hot, corrosive liquid that can be controlled with daily fiber to a degree. This is the same fiber that wasn’t my friend not so long ago. Fecal incontinence is a problem so i put a pad in my clothes just in case. I am always thoughtful as to where the restroom might be. I have been told that things will settle down in time and i hope that is true.

I’ve gone back to work now and so far no real problems but several close bathroom calls. While it’s true that i don’t deal with constipation anymore, i have a complete new set of complications. I would do it again as the pain that i suffered before the operation has diminished somewhat, not as as i had hoped for, but some.

I would do things a little differently though, in anticipation, i went to part time work hours. I was assured that i would keep my benefits. Uh uh. A member of my family was having dental work done. Imagine my surprise to find out that my dependent coverage had been canceled! Now we owe over $2000 to the dentist. So there’s that. I would also have taken more time from work. I went back too quick and it is costing me pain.



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