Away from home

Tonight is the last night at home for about a week. We’re going leave our dog home this time. I hope that she and her sister don’t fight. We’ve packed enough stuff for about a month it seems like anyway. Michelle will have to have daily clothes but I’ll be happy in gowns for all i care. Lol. I’m nervous and have a headache tonight but I’ll get to sleep soon enough and we leave for SL in the morning.

With surgery looking in a dawn not so far from now, I’ll admit to being nervous now. But even now, my insides are in silent and still mode. No sounds nor gurgles. Just a dead, heavy feeling, bloated feeling that reminds me why I’m going to do this. I’m tired of feeling like i have to go and yet, can produce no results.

I think I’m going to start a gross new show “the poop show” everyone can call in and talk about the shit that they deal with every day. It’s sure to be a hit. Phone lines will ring and will get Tosh to mc for it. It’ll be epic!


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