Three days to go

With four days to go, I had a day off from work and we are gathering stuff before the coming event. Michelle will have the bulk of stuff as I will be in hospital garb of the time. I did get a new robe for wandering the halls after the cut up is complete.

I’m still okay nerve-wise. I feel a little apprehensive but still confident that this is what i need to do. The insurance called about assigning me a care manager. It is a free service that i might try out. It’s going to cost a fortune for Mic to stay, even at the housing for families. $60 a night. One place near there used to charge by income and was very reasonable. They’ve changed that now, unfortunate. .. I should have set up a “fund me” account on the Internet.! !

Still i am a little concerned about the ride back. ..they won’t let me out until my innards wake up. .. kidneys, bladder, bowels, like that. I hope that incontinence doesn’t raise is ugly head. Lol we talked about repair of this hernia a previous dr messed up during his”simple fix”. I hope that when this surgery is over then it’ll all be over, no more surgery.

I remember why I chose this course of action. It’s been six days and i hurt. I watch what I eat, volume-wise sometimes i slip eating and don’t miss it. I get sedentary so i don’t need a lot of energy. I do high carbs and protein when i do eat.



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