Op five days out and counting!

Five days now until i go to SL. I’m having stupid dreams about work and about hospitals. The work dreams aren’t unusual, they happen all of the time. The ones about hospitals is brand new. They aren’t gross or graphic, just routine, nurses coming and going and people visiting. I hope that they stay way. lol

Michelle and I cut the hair off of my chest and stomach because i don’t want patches attached to hair that is crazy to pull off with hair attached! It looks different. The hair hid a lot of scars and stuff.  Plus, it diguised the bloat bulges… I know that he is going to cut along the existing scar and will probably make it longer because of the depth that he to go in order do the anastomosis.

I’m thinking about getting the Dr to take pictures along the way. Lol not really. I have some people’s pictures that they had taken during their surgery. ..not for me. ..what happens while I’m asleep on the table, stays there.

So now, for day minus 5 before surgery I think that’s all. I’m a gonna write again later


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