Part of a Study

After four and a half hour drive, I’m here at preop. Such to do about it all. Good to know that they cross their “t’s” also got put into a study for anesthesia care. The study is to see if eeg monitoring can help with delirium after surgery or conciousness during surgery. I don’t want to wake up during, for sure!

The 30th is just over a week away now. My anxiety level is beginning to rise, just a little. After the preop visit I go to see the surgeon. I’m going to ask him about a variation of the surgery called a cecorectal anastomosis vs a ileorectal anastomosis. I hope that he will talk to me about it and whether I’m a candidate for it. I suppose if he won’t at least talk about it, I maybe should reconsider this procedure.

Ok so all is set up for the 30th. We talked about the cecorectal anastomosis  and he explained why he’s doing the ileorectal anastomosis to my satisfaction. While I learn a lot from my fellow sufferers, we are all different and require treatments. I’m glad that I’ve had a broad base of information to draw from. I am confident that this is what I need to do.




11 thoughts on “Part of a Study

    1. I have colonic inertia. It causes chronic constipation, and pain. To try to help alleviate this I’m having a ileorectal anastomosis done a week from this next Monday. I’ll comment further or answer questions if you’d like to know more.

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      1. That must be horrible for you! Is the pain constant or does it come in waves? Do you have any medications that give you some relief? Are you afraid or do you look forward to having it all behind you? Is this a routine operation? Did you say you have a specialist? Are your parents alive and are they supportive?

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      2. The pain is constant with little nudges to keep it real. I take opaites for it. I am nervous but not really afraid. I have a specialist doing this and it is “routine for some folks. ..i have intestinal malrotation which will make the surgery a bit of a challenge for the dr. And i am looking forward to, i hope, relief. I have my wife and sons for support. These are great questions, by the way. ..

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      3. Thanks! It’s so good that you have a support system. I have absolutely no one other than my troubled neighbors. It’s to the point where I’m not answering my door or phone today!

        Is there a hole in your intestines or are they twisted? How did you ever end up in this predicament? I’m wonder what could have possibly brought this on??


      4. The malrotation congenital defect it happens when the bowels don’t rotate into the correct position before birth. I think that mine twist and insist periodically. I am trusting that this operation will find problems and resolve some of them.

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