Whirlwind preop journey!

In preparation to go St Louis, we’ve been getting bills lined up for payment before go. We’ve been trying to figure out what to do with our little diva-dog, Spunky. She goes with us everywhere as she is my service animal. On top of everything that could be wrong I also have ptsd due to emotional trama. She is great to help keep me out of the funk and I’m worried about leaving her anywhere. Michelle could keep up there but I’m not sure about the hospital. Leaving her with a kennel is an unthinkable thought for me. Our boys think she is a pain,which she can be, but the little dog means a lot to Michelle and I. And they won’t let her starve or anything but it has me worried.

Other preps are setting up tablets to pay bills online, security for them and stuff like that. We have to make a same day trip to SL preop on Thursday, up and back cause I’m working wed and Friday. …that wanst thought out very well, yes, i can say it, I’m dumb. If I survive that I’m a sure thing for surgery. Really, we used to do 500 mile trips in a day so why would this be different.

Michelle is coming around, scared still, but coming around. The bulk of the expense will be lodging for her while up there. I should have started afund me site. ..lol…or fund her actually. ..ha! Well make it okay though really.

I almost had a second thought the other day then hurt worse that night I had for a long time. I figure it to be karmic debt that has to be paid in advance.

I’ve given thought about after the operation. I’m going to make a list of “told you so” to reference later. You all join me it’ll be fun! We could even make bets on when particular ones might emerge. How about this one. ..”i could stop pooping now. ”

I know it’s gross but what fun ill have.

Enough. Post more later, night!


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