A new drug

I think that my blog is more of a journal now which is okay. I can write freely when I’m one of the few who read it. lol Michelle said this morning that she is worried because she had a that I won’t be coming home from this surgery. I have reassured her this will be uneventful and that everything will go fine.

The last few days i have felt swollen in my bowels, I don’t think that there is a large volume and there isn’t anything that an enema will touch. I know that readers might find this too much info, sorry. My primary gave me samples of a new medicine that treats opioid induced constipation. I’ll be taking it tomarrow to see what it will do for me. It will be interesting to see what, if anything this new drug will do. I am open to whatever might help. Kicking constipation’s butt would be great! Then I’ll have to deal with the pain factor. One problem a time.

I’ll not the surgery unless substantial improvement is apparent one the next couple of weeks.


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