Change is coming on fast!

I go to see my primary care dr tomorrow. I haven’t told him about the surgery scheduled for the end of the month yet and I’m inclined not to. This appointment is actually for a Medicare physical. If he is true to form he’ll listen to my lungs, ask how I’m doing and when i complain about constipation and pain hell tell me that is caused by the medicine I’m taking and kind of indicate there is nothing to be done except laxatives and enemas. Then without touching me anymore we’ll say goodbye and set up our next appt.

I’ve found this to be unacceptable for some time now, hence the surgeon in St Louis. I’ve thought that if he really thinks that the drugs are causing constipation as bad as I’ve got, then he’d suggest help to wean me off of the shit. I have reduced the amount of opioids that I’ve taken with no change at all in bowel function. The Cymbalta i take to reduce pain levels also can cause slow bowels. But i probably need it as is. Stress and depression causes problems with guts too. I’m seeing a shrink for that part. Pain clinic has good ideas for of stress but reduction of pain has yet be seen, as I’ve said, I’m seeing a shrink already and I’ve practiced much of technique that the pain clinic has presented this far.

My question is this: Am I supposed to be constipated to the point of pain, to the point of fear that the things that I do to treat it, ie laxatives, enemas. .. won’t work, which sometimes they work minimally or not at all. (For the fiber fans, it fills and bloats me so much that I’m in agony from gas and volume.) The last time I talked to him, he wanted me to tell him what tests I wanted him to order and that he’d do it. am I supposed to know that!? I’ll just spring it on him after the surgery.i don’t want to argue with him. My efforts to get him to take an authentic interest in my complaints are over for now. I may be looking for a different primary care the surgery, I don’t know.

I told him i was willing to rehab and get off the pain killers. I might try to get the surgeon to help me find a path to that after the operation. I’m just so fucking tired of the same shit day after day. Change is Coming. ..soon.


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