Moral judges of disabled.

I read about a man in Europe who has Crohn’s disease which is severe and debilitating. He finds himself in the position of defending his right to use facilities and parking designated handicapped. I am incensed by those who find themselves in the unique place in life to judge who is disabled or not.

Others have, in fact, already done this for these moral judges. They’re called doctors and government officials and if they have a sticker, “blue badge”, or plate on their car, then disabled people have been found be handicapped, or disabled. The moral judges have NO right to question a person based on how they look, sound, or act. Perhaps I should wear my shirt open to show the scars from surgeries for conditions that cause me to run out of energy in a short walk.

How about people who wear appliances under their clothes for any of a multitude of conditions,shall we require some visual or audible evidence that they are worthy?! Consider for a moment, moral judges, if what you are judging is a person’s disability or their right to park a little closer, or have a little bit bigger stall in which to accomplish personal hygiene?! If so, by all means, badger away. I’ll love being judge of you one day come any misfortune that may befall you.

How would you have those who are handicapped to prove it to you, the moral judges, that they deserve resources allocated to them? Tell you what. Pray that you NEVER fall victim to an unseen illness, for you might rightfully find yourself the victim of moral judgement.


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