Relief… for now.

I’m so glad that I didn’t have to look for another dr. My paranoia and skeptisism was, thankfully, unwarranted. He was being thorough, cautious and giving me time to consider what this process means. He didn’t say as much that is how it feels and I think I’m right. This is a serious surgery that has serious consequences. I ‘m glad that things have worked this way I Know now that I am doing the right thing for myself.

0nce I have the constipation issue over with I am hopeful that being rid of narcotics will be next. With help from the pain clinic maybe there will be other options effective enough to manage what pain that I might have after the operation. Another thing will be getting used to pooping a few times a day instead of just once in a while. No more bloating like a big balloon. I swear, sometimes I feel like if I were stuck with a sharp object, I’d flutter around the room!

I am thinking about chronicaling in some detail my experiences from now though my recovery from surgery. There maybe a benefit for me to let this all out. Plus, someone in the same or similar circumstances may find something of value in what I write.

The one thing that concerns me is our little dog, Spunky. She will be so confused…


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