Colectomy to come

I’m back from my test/dr appt. The test showed normal appearance of my rectum. ..good news.  As anticipated, he suggested the colectomy because my colon is not working. Basically it fills up and then physics and gravity works, kinda. And when it doesn’t, which is a lot of the time, i bloat, swell, hurt, have accidents and etc.

I’m going to get the colectomy done on the 27 th of Nov. He says that there won’t be an ileostomy.he also said that because of the malrotation, it will be technically more challenging for him as the malrotation had left pieces in places that they usually aren’t. I won’t care, I’ll be sleeping.

Recovery: around 5 days in hospital. Out of work for 4 or more weeks.

Colectomy means removal the colon from small bowel to rectum and attach small bowel to rectum. I’d like to hear from anyone who had this experience already. Thanks


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