Life can be so complicated.Dr. appointment on the 22nd that hopefully will determine whether I have surgery or not . A change at work from produce to cashier which should make work life some easier. But all of this is centered around the 22nd appointment .

I will be pushing for a decision on that day. This has gone on for long enough. If he isn’t going to help then I need to find someone who will help. The pain that I’ve dealt with is increasing and I need at least a partial solution, soon. I’m getting tired if complaining believe it or not. Pain and incontinence caused by diarrhea is embarrassing and angering. Another delay will be unconsionable.

I do think that the new job will be a good move for me. IT will definitely be easier than lifting and carrying so much weight all of the time. I ‘ve always liked cashiering, I can hardly wait!!


2 thoughts on “Frustration

  1. After following your blog for some time now, I can literally feel anger and frustration for you. I want you to feel better. I can relate on a less painful sense…. my jaw bones are grinding away at one another, because there is no disc between them. It hurts, and I have seen three specialists. All appointments didn’t go well. I hope and pray that your situation improves. You deserve it.

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