A long day-…

Today I dodged the bullet. We went to get the car serviced and found myself buying a new car. Fortunately, the deal fell through. Whew!! Talk about a close one! My- impulses cost us dearly all too often.This is just the latest of numerous endeavors, always the rush when I succeed or crash if I fail.

This is the first time ever that I saw failure to get something as a good sign. I’ll have to say that it is a good feeling not to have to worry about whether or not payments will be too high or how sales tax will get paid.

On the work front, things are going pretty good, I’m still unsure how long I can continue working in produce. I like working at WM despite the crappy schedule. It’s astounding the number of people who come and go as employees there, mostly they leave because of politics, not because the jobs are too hard.

Now that we have insurance M needs to get in to see a dentist while the getting Is good. In the meantime, I’m going to buy an extra pair of glasses, maybe sunglasses. I need something to cut the glare of sunlight while I’m driving. I have trouble with eye fatigue in the daylight.

Speaking of insurance, it should help clean up some of the out of pocket expenses that Medicare won’t pay for. Today, I went and saw My Work counselor. I talked about my medical appointments that are comingup in the near future and about a new job service to work with. We’re putting most things on hold until after the end of the month to see what, if anything, that Dr M 15 going to do to/ for me.


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