Ride the painted pony.

The Psydoc has a plan. Twelve consecutive weeks, one day per week for a plan to save my mind. Ha! Okay, so it will be a benefit if I can get the time off to go to the sessions. I think that the guy is a little stiff. His agenda is stiff too. Lol. It just isn’t so much that i won’t go.

My confusion is this: How do I get days off twelve consecutive weeks working at WM?

Actually, it might not be so hard at that. ..the VA Dr told me that i shouldn’t be lifting over 25 lbs. .shit. ..but, not too worry because nothing is hanging out right now. I’m probably going to have quit the job as it is. ..too much pain, too much lifting, too much trouble with SSDI…

So recap: psych plan that I’m not sure about. Gonna to quit this job. Hernia ill just live with. Oh, yeah, the VA Dr thinks that the previous hernia mesh has moved, there is a stiff ridge at the base of my ribcage. Finally comes the pain that i have everyday.

The only light I see is that I’m thinking about going for my MBA.



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