Another freakin’ rant

I am trying to maintain some semblance of decency here. But I’m about to bust a nut. I hate the system and everything that goes with it. This rant is going to be ugly. I can’t help it, shit can only flow so deep. I’m drowning in it.

I can’t play by rules anymore. I guess I’ll have to make phone calls to who ever i can. I need fucking answers and i want them right fucking now. Fucking doctors all just stroll through life on their own merry way. Must be nice. Like to do some work for them and treat them the same way, see how they like it. I’m an electrician, I could fix their shit right for a price. I’ll let them pay for my gear everytime i do something for them. Just like buying the ct scanner. 4000 dollars a scan. ..i figure my meters and tools are worth a grand everytime i pick something up. Take their call then put them off till I’m good and ready to see them. Make them wait once i get there. See them for 5 minutes. Write my report and send it off to a master electrician for analysis. that almost covers it. Wait there’s more!

Wait though, they spent years training. .well what the hell did i do or millions of others do in life? Stick their heads in the sand? No! There was school, ojt, blood sweat and tears, but definately no 200k incomes, not many by a long shot! Power of life over death? Ever fuck with 480vac? Enough to deep fry self and everyone around. What’s that? I’m not articulate enough to compete, you say. ..bite me. Given the need and desire,me and my pissy little business degree could write circles around many “professionals”.


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