Time to go to work!

I have a new manager where i work.  ( i didn’t get it. ..lol) The first day went very well, she was nervous but just let us do our work. Today was day 2 and she tried to micromanage the show. I’d start doing something and she’d decide that she wanted something else. Off I’d go, doing something else! I can only stand that for a short time. Me a job, me finish it then give me another, with some exceptions of course, I’m not completely inflexible.

We had a talk about it and got it worked out for now. She is nice, a little hyper, but nice. She’s probably in her twenties so she’s a newbie. I like how newbies have something to prove. Scurrying from job to job, stopping to tell people we to get the department squared away by a certain time. In the mean time she’s taking us away from the job we were in the middle of doing.

I think that we’ll be okay for now. I’ll keep my hypomanic brain calm lol and surely all will survive!


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