Irony of it.

This is a conundrum. Again, I find myself out of contact with st louis. I dislike this very much. I’ve done some research on the condition that she specified and of the possible causes the C word came up. I’m not freaking just yet partly because of lack alarm on their part. Freak out time will only happen if they mention the word.

The of communication thing is getting annoying. In the mean time, I’ve an appointment with a “pain clinic”. You can probably tell how much confidence that I have by the quotation marks. Why go then one might ask. Well, it’s because dress are under the impression these clinics actually can help with idiopathic chronic pain. Yeah ,right, I’ll it believe it when I experience it! My past experience involved an a trigger point injection. It worked real well. ..NOT!!

Anyway, I will be open minded to ever they suggest even though when i went for the testing they scheduled ONE treatment session. Hmmm, ten years of chronic pain, taking oxycodone, and an ongoing new, improved, other problem that my pcp won’t acknowledge, hell, he hasn’t touched me in months to examine me. I think he just thinks that he just knows what’s wrong with me.

UPDATE: as usual my mouth overran my brain. Minutes after saying those words about not hearing from St Louis, they called. I missed the call by a minute, but they still called. Shit. My brain went wonky again. Put me under some stress and i just go stupid. I posted in the past that there is no cure for stupid. So obviously there is no cure for me. Ha!

Looks like my brain is definately as sick as my body. Open mouth, out drops brain. Stuff food into mouth, nothing else happens. See? Just alike. I still have less grey hair than brown and that is something. I’m also more depressed than manic which makes me human.


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