A new way to look at it

Maybe I’ve looked at all wrong. Maybe i need MORE Drugs, not less. Drugs to numb away the worries of the day.I am well aware that would be the chicken way but that may be my way after all. I’m not ashamed to consider this.

Weighing drugs against eviseration… drugs look to me to be a viable choice. I’ve never considered chemistry before, or alcohol for that matter. I’ve always taken prescription drugs as writtenand will continue to do so. That doesn’t mean that i shouldn’t take the max allowable doses available to me. My previous idea of using the smallest dose, just enough to make life tolerable, it’s stupid incarnate.

I don’t like to rely on chemicals, but becauseof being bipolar, chemicals are a way of life now. Getting to the right med and then dosage takes time and someone to monitor the whole mess. I have a nurse practitioner who is great! She with my psych meds only but is doing a great job. I’m PCP takes care of my pain and high blood pressure meds. Together, i hope to get to a comfortable plateau someday. ..


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