Just a Sunday Night in crybaby suite.

As a person who is bipolar with hypomania and takes meds for the same, my brain gets fragmented sometimes and i forget a lot. This is frustrating as i do or say t things and then forget what had transpired. This blog is an example. I end up talking about the same things over and again. I’m sure that readers get tired of the same stuff. I know that i am.

Im may have an alternative doctor to investigate. He works in Joplin and operated on our landlord. It will definately be worth the time and effort after my disappointment with a surgeon who i have had experience with for sure!

I have cried like a baby for days now. I don’t know if it’s pain, self pity, or frustration. The crying helps a little i think. It seems strange but whatever works. My landlord just had surgery and gave me Dr name. Maybe I’ll contact him to see what says.

Night all!


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