A new beginning

So today I washed and polished the car. Doing things always helps alleviate moods or depression. Everyone knows that. But i also read a bunch of posts of people who i follow. Seeing what their lives are like and how they choose to deal with daily stuff helps me to put things into perspective.

Still we all have our own problems. I’m going to try a novel approach. My pcp offered to me a doctor nearby and I thought that I a better idea. First, I’m going to admit to him that i was wrong to him. Then I’m going to ask him for his help. In fact, I’m going to email him tonight.

I don’t have a clue sometimes why i think the way that i do. I seem to get thoughts stuck in my head. When that happens it seems that it is very hard to sway that thinking. I’m not stupid but i am stubborn. That stubbornness is going to cause me a world of hurt some day.


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