Question a lot of things

I try very hard to be confident, to be a good person. At times when I have to deal with doctors though, when i have to defer to another’s opinion, it’s hard for me to be confident. There have been times that i have accepted a Dr opinion and wished that I didn’t. ECT’s was one instance. The psychiatrist got a new toy and was trying to break in on as many people as he could. It was an ECT machine.

I learned later that once you start ect’s, you do them until the dr decides when to stop. This is probably due to the fact that the patient doesn’t remember whether he wants to stop or not. Family won’t get them stopped, at least my wife couldn’t and i have no memory of any of the time involved.

Well, that’s not exactly right. ..I remember them measuring my head for the electrode band. I also remember the warm blankets they covered me with before they put me out for the treatment. Plus there some shadowy memories of being weak as a kitten in a wheelchair.

Gone though, are the rest of two weeks of memory including family that i hadn’t seen in years coming to visit. This is assuredly a common side effect. The point of this post is that one should listen and read carefully any and all instructions, and possible side effects which might be immediate or in the future.

As a patient I have found the importance of research and finding the strength to ask questions so that one can be well informed, not to argue, but to know what to expect from tests or procedures


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