Tryin to be mellow

It’s been a week now since my last test in St Louis. No word from the Dr, should I call and ask about the findings or try to wait patiently for a little more time. I don’t want to be a bother but on the other hand, you’d think that he’d be more on the ball.

My blood pressure is still a bit high. Ì going to call my PCP at lunch tomarrow to give them my numbers. I’m still thinking about switching all of my care to VA. When i went to mental health they got me in to the doctor about my blood pressure in no time at all. No way that happens civilian mental or physical Dr offices.

Back to the colorectal guy…i don’t get the delay of information.He’s probably busy. But it wouldn’t take any time at all to call me.

I’m over that little wonder for now. I’ll contact someone else if takes an excessive amount of time (that time isn’t here yet). The next trip to St Louis will be more pleasure trip than the last ones were. So much to see and do there I’m going to see and do some of it before warm weather leaves us for winter!

Work is tough. I do it but pay for it daily. But it was my idea to do it so I try not too bitch at home too much…

When we went to the lake last, the early darkness was apparent. Fall is almost upon us and though we still have good weather coming, the long sunny days are behind us now, the year anyway.


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