What is normal? I’ve said in the past that normal is varying degrees of pathology, which means that everyone has problems to some degree. So at what degree is considered abnormal. They wrote a book on the subject. The dsm IV outlines and defines what illnesses are and how to determine the severity of the illness.

Given this there are a lot of us who have chosen for whatever reason to seek help. Many of us are not a threat to anyone but want to feel more “normal”. Next comes “normal people who ARE a hazard, know it, but refuse to seek treatment.

Maybe we should train lots of therapists and all get tested. This wouldn’t work because people have rights to privacy. Unless one has a dx mental illness. Those who are diagnosed many times can’t get insurance, can’t pass a background check. (Wonder how they get information? Hmmmm)

I guess that my point is, if you want a “normal” life, maybe you shouldn’t go for help, take the tests and put into “the system”. You’ll suffer but you’ll a live a normal life.

LOL. What a world we live in! I’m kidding, of course. If a person needs help they should get it. My goal is to get awareness out that there is NOT equality for all. Mentally ill people are seen as a threat which is wrong. Diabetics are sick but are provided privacy and protection. We should be too!


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