My colon: The Never Ending Story

I’ve finally chilled a little. I ate some supper, talked to my brother for a little while and am watching Myth Busters. So now that I’m a little calmer, what is there to say, anything now worth saying/reading?  I suppose so. We had steak, corn on the cob, and potato for supper, a very nice meal, meat an’ tators.

I still have the whole innards thing going through my brain but at least my blood pressure is down a little. While the surgeon who I’ve talked to and has done tests doesn’t do the stimulator, I think that i need to try to pursue that as an option. I’ve found a surgeon who does them for urinary problems, i wonder if he might know someone who will do the implant for bowel problems.

While the more radical procedure can done after the stim, the colon can’t be reinstalled once removed. I’ve heard of intestine transplant, I wonder how they solve the nerve issue? Without nerve impulses, then they would have what I do, colonic inertia. I know that nerve grafts are done surgically, but it only works if the source nerve is putting out a signal.

I’ve still got to decide about the surgery that I’m sure that Mutch is going to recommend. If i do it, I’ll be out of commission for several weeks. Not a real big deal except for the whiny period. This truly is invisible illness. No one even wants to think about their plumbing let alone looking at it or other people’s.


2 thoughts on “My colon: The Never Ending Story

  1. Whoa. You have bowel problems and you’re eating steak? And your doctor hasn’t STOPPED you? Are you mad? Beef is one of THE hardest to digest things! Especially if you’re eating it on the rare side. I’d suggest looking into a different diet for yourself. You could help yourself a LOT.


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