Mentally ill

And now, a few words about mental illness. I just say through an infuriating show that was involved a girl with disassociative identity disorder. In the course of this fucked up show, they portrayed her as. ..wait for it. ..insane!

What bothers me is that these shows insinuate that people who are sick are all crazy. Show me a crime drama that doesn’t use this as a premise. In a world where we have more than enough trouble, people watch and believe what they see on these shows. They believe because they have frame of reference besides the 6 pm news. Another fine source of true facts!

Every news report features a reporter who has gone to neighbors, family, doctors, yes doctors! Then they come back with “the facts”. What a great world that we live in where criminals are checked for sanity. Plus a world where mentally ill are looked at as insane until proven differently.

What a crock of shit! I pointed out in a recent post that the main difference between mentally ill and normalcy is that the ill have the courage to take the tests. Some “normals” are chicken shit. They are afraid how they feel and project that fear onto mentally ill.

Mentally ill. I loath that phrase, but, let’s consider it for a moment. It implies that we deserve treatment in order to become well again. Just as a person who is diabetic needs treatment, so do we. There is NO difference. In cases on both sides it is a matter of life or death and THIS is what should be considered.


5 thoughts on “Mentally ill

      1. Not at all, at you anyway. If you look again, you will see that I was merely background ng up my bro with the facts! Just the facts, nothing but the facts, ma’am. Joe Friday, circa , a long fucking time ago! Lol


  1. I recently went to the ER for something totally unrelated, and the attending doctor was reading through my electronic medical file – do you take these meds still? Do you have these allergies? Then he read, “it says here you have a mental disorder. Depression? What?! Why do they write mental disorder; that sounds so harsh. Lots of people have depression. It’s hard to live in this world without being depressed. Why do they write mental disorder?” So there’s at least one medical professional out there who gets it. But that doesn’t fix what it says about me in my medical files, of course.


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