Not worth reading too

My anger issues are increasing. It would seem that going from on my ass to working full time is driving that particular emotion. No one is safe from it, not even me, it would seem. Triggers are everywhere. Today Social Security is the trigger. Working full time is to kick me out of the system. So much for promises of continued support. The next lie will be “expidited return to SSDI if employment fails. Doh! Who could EVER guess that?!

I am the next trigger. I hate me so much. I’ve done some dumb shit and my brain reminds me every single day, many times a day. Yeah, I know, complainers. ..some people don’t care and the rest think that complainers deserve what they complain about. Screw it. That’s all for this post.


6 thoughts on “Not worth reading too

  1. We have all done dumb shit, really. It’s okay though. That is what human beings do. You can forgive yourself. You don’t have to hate yourself for being a human being, for having challenges in your life. It’s not a measure of your self-worth, really.

    Please take good care.

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