Poor little me

I like being wrong most of the time. It really makes me feel good all over, kinda like an orgasm except not. .. more like an anti-orgasm. Something else that I really like is be called “asshole”. Now THAT trips my trigger! I like it! Gets me about as close to violence that i could get. I try to be mellow, but there is someone who doesn’t want me to be. It makes it tough to be mellow when i get my usual ration of shit.

Oh, boohoo… poor me… always maligned. .sniff**  Not to worry, I deserve everything that I get.


3 thoughts on “Poor little me

  1. On some levels, yes. On some levels, no. Maybe you invite things into your life; certainly shrinks like to point things like that out to everybody. But I’ve been reading your past few posts. Sounds to me like you’re at the hands of the chaotic universe, shoving a lot of shit your way. In fact – and forgive my profanity in this post – sounds like you’re in the backwater fucking cul de sac of shit at the moment.

    I have a million words and adages to offer you; all are useless so I’ll let them drop. I just wanted to let you know I hear you. Wishing you peace.

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