The vortex

I am so sick, both in my head and my body. My life is in a whirlpool and my life boat is being drawn into the vortex, soon every trace of me will be gone. This is figuratively and literally speaking. I’m losing pieces of my mind and body. Soon I’ll be short (ha ha) a colon. Add my gall bladder, appendix and belly button and that’s quite a bit too lose!

TMI…the medical assistant gave me the prep list. .1. Liquid diet day before (today) 2. Use enema 2 hours before leaving for hospital for test. I’m going to add #3 and THEN what happened? NOTHING!  I swear, for people who supposedly know about pooh, they haven’t a clue about ol twisty guts here… I drove here right from work in order to try to prep. No way would their plan come close to working! Except maybe for normals…lol Is that a thing? Normals?

So now it’s morning. The equinox has a flat tire. The prep that I used worked minimally, it’s a wonder I’m not dehydrated! I guess that I’m going to have to tell them when I show up for the test.

…today is the day of the test. I’ll admit to being a little nervous about it but i need get it done.


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