Defecography TMI !!! The process

I’m going to try to tell the tale about procedures that I have from now on. Mostly for myself but also for people who wonder about what they’re in for.

Just the prep isn’t pleasant. Enemas and pooping in general are taboo in our culture. I got through it and am at the hospital nervously waiting for my turn.

The case of nerves is proving unfounded. The tech who is helping is nice and considerate. She just brought the drinking portion of barium. .. Yum chalk–for lunch!  Now just a thirty minute wait for it to travel to. .well wherever. Lol just got the second xray to see where it is. . More in a while. Apparently it’s where they want it to be. They’ll be calling me back soon.

Ok so i went back in and the Dr did a rectal exam. .rough, but lived through that. The tech put in the barium and that wasn’t bad at all! The pooping and exercises on command was a little stressful but also went okay. I had to cough, kegel,squeeze my abdomen and finally, eliminate. After 2 hours, I’m done.

I am aware of the sensitive nature of this subject it is much easier to write than to say. I hope that my experience might be of help to someone nervous. If anyone has questions. ..ask.!


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