Pain drugs

I did present to Marilyn today. She wasn’t as helpful as I’d hoped but i do have other things now to think about. I’m going to go to Arkansas to see the GI Dr there if I can get an appointment. I think just going with the colectomy right out of the gate might be a cluster fuck idea.

I don’t know what to do about pain, constipation, pain meds, surgery, etc,etc. This is more than I think that i can bear. The surgeon is going to push for a colectomy. What else would he do? He’s a cutter and that’s what they do. Pain is central to my disability. Will this surgery decrease pain? Obviously, not in the short term. No guarantees of pain easement post surgery.

Maybe detox from pain killers will ease the constipation and thereby part of pain. Who do I talk to about detox? Do i try to detox myself? I’m not sure how even start, or once started how do i complete it? I suppose that i can try to wean myself from the oxycodone. What about cold turkey i wonder. Surely it can’t be all that bad. I only take 6 total 7.5/325 of oxycodone a day. That isn’t that much. I might just do it. Cold turkey starting my next dose time.


3 thoughts on “Pain drugs

  1. Hello my Lovely whilst I should be wary of giving another advice you know me by now and if it feels right then do it I say!
    I went cold turkey a few times over the last few years and yes whilst it did make my head spin I BELIEVED that I was doing the right thing and this belief made the process easier. To be almost painfree day to day now is something I never once considered possible. Pain had infiltrated my system and everything hurt. Worse the pain meds kept me up all night and my insomnia made me feel like my life just hurt – it was agony.
    I suggest you start with a strong clean mind. You know coming off the meds will ease your constipation so over a week gradually decrease if you can but as you decrease the meds increase the joy and healthier lifestyle.
    For me my withdrawal symptoms were pretty much depression, staring into space and head judders (a horrible dizzy feeling) but I CHOSE to come off the meds so I somehow managed through.
    I really would love to hear that you are not in so much pain and knowing side effects of pain meds I say BIN ‘EM! ….. (I also say look after yourself my friend)
    With Love & Light xx

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