Marker test

Okay, so last week i had a colonic transit test done.

Wednesday I went to see the Dr.  Turns out that i have colonic inertia. colon doesn’t work. In the marker test, if only 4 makers remain, the colon is considered abnormal. I was still retaining 18. The other is that the ct scan showed that my colon is in a weird path that doesn’t allow material to pass. Seems that the Ladd’s procedure sucked big time! Ten years ago the surgeon, Dr Perfect, with “lots”of experience with malrotation wasn’t so great afterall. If I didn’t have such feelings of mistrust with him, I’d go back but i just can’t bring myself to do that.

In order to determine the next course of action, i have to do a defecography next Tuesday. If my rectum works okay then he’ll probably recommend colectomy, which is removal my colon. He will connect the bottom of my small bowel to the top of my rectum.

Sounds good right? I’m not sure about this. Still, as long as didn’t end up with an ostomy, getting some relief would be a good thing. I’d move my bowels a few times a day instead of a couple of times a month. I asked him about the sacral nerve stimulator but he said that they don’t that there. After a little research, I think that the controversy over payments to doctors might have something to do with that.

I’ll definately have to talk to some of my support group who’ve had this done before i make the move to get it.


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