New voice of reason

I see Marilyn today, she a nurse practitioner who prescribes my meds. She has been good so far,not medicating me to zombie land.  Since the gut problem has arose, I am going to ask her to be a tad more aggressive though. My mood has been very dark, my thoughts even darker.

My blood pressure is really high right now, no wonder since we are talking about ripping out my colon! I was pretty confident when i went to see the surgeon but not so much now. I’m thinking about an appointment with aVA MD to try and get a handle on what to do about my intestinal troubles. Maybe they have a GI doc that can help me. … The VA has always accommodated me when I needed their help. I wonder why I didn’t approach them?

Anyway, I’m going to present this to Marilyn today I think she can help my perspective this situation.


4 thoughts on “New voice of reason

  1. I think we should all be that proactive about our treatment. I like the sound of Marilyn and I REALLY hope your colon doesn’t have to go through anything traumatic. I’d be terrified.


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