Part one of: Road to Hell

It’s nearly 5:30am and I don’t have to be up for work until 8:30… can’t sleep, wife’s cpap keeps making hurricane noises. That’s what happens when the mask starts to break down from use. I’ll get her to change it tomarrow night, in the meantime, I’ll wear earplugs.

Aspects of possible future events are at play here also. Surgical possibilities to help with pain are unappealing. So why not accept it and live my life as it is, one might ask. I guess the answer is that I want more.

How a “simple” hernia surgery lead me here still baffles me. I went from pain free to “fuck me, what’s wrong with this picture” pain. Unbelievable pain that started the instant that I woke up from hernia surgery. Pain so significant that they sent me by ambulance to the hospital from the surgery center for a ct scan when fentenyl wouldn’t touch it. Pain bad enough that I couldn’t move on my own get on the machine’s  bed. When asked about what day I had surgery, they were shocked to hear me it about an hour ago.

From there things went a little wonky. I was in persistent pain. Tests showed little evidence to point to the root of the problem. Finally a nurse practitioner found the problem while studying my case. The diagnosis was intestinal malrotation. I made an appointment with a surgeon whom I knew and trusted. We scheduled a date but before i got to surgery, they told me that there was another surgeon who had experienced this procedure. He told me he would do the operation “open laparotomy”.

I didn’t care much for this doctor, he was a former Air Force physician who i felt was still commanding the troops. He didn’t give a shit about privacy and he had an air of “I know what’s best, damn what you think”. But he did a good job. He found the mesh used to “fix” my “simple” hernia had adhered to part of my small bowel. He did a ladd’s procedure to correct the malrotation, although correct isn’t the right word as I’m still malrotated, just differently. He also did an appendectomy as the repositioning of my innards would make finding it difficult.

So much for the sob story of Leo’s life,  part- hell.


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