After working from 5am to noon today, I drove here to St Louis for my first films. I got see the film’s which is unusual. They looked kinda the way I feel. I came to Barnes Jewish hospital,  west county. They are very good people here.

We needed a place to stay being almost 300 miles from home. It was going to cost us a hundred a night to stay in a motel. The admitting person gave us a card with local places to stay. We opted for Haven House. It is a non profit similar to Ronald McDonald  house. We got an exceptional room for a hundred for both nights!  Support local non profits, we do! (The Ronald McDonald house at home)

I the second series of xrays on Friday, if I survive that long. Then have to wait to see the Dr next week. I know I am repeating myself, I hope that there is an acceptable course of treatment that will help.


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