Not feeling well. .

By now i know better than to eat much at all. Eating just adds to the primary symptom. I’m almost ready to go to the ER. I hurt so bad. In fact my entire abdomen feels ready to burst. This would be funny if it weren’t making me so miserable! One more set of xrays tomarrow.

On the plus side, Haven House is a great place to stay! I’ve stayed at far worse hotels. They provide breakfast and dinner and have kitchen facilities are furnished with pans and dishes, stove and refrigerator, and dining table with chairs. If you select a room w/o tv, there are lounges with tv in them.


8 thoughts on “Not feeling well. .

      1. No forgiveness is needed… I imagine it is torturous, and I can’t bare to think of what you are going through right now! And there wasn’t too much info, I have read all your previous posts and understand what is going on.


      2. We went to the zoo here today, unfortunately I cut the visit short. I had energy a plenty when we left to go there but crashed not long after we arrived. My wife never complains. ..In the lucky one!

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