So it begins.

One more night. At least  the pain meds are working for me. I was hurting an 8 or of 10 when i finally took something. What difference does it make if stuff slows down more? It can get worse but i hope that it doesn’t.

Mic is making ready for the road trip. She always packs enough for a twelve day stay, no matter how long we’ll be gone. . My anxiety level is pretty high right now. I’m making great effort to not lash out at anyone as is my MO. Work was insane today, people go to the store just so that they can torment the help. I wonder if there a full moon. …no new moon tonight. I guess there is just mass hysteria today.  Really, the people are okay it is good to be among them.

The update won’t be much tomarrow thru Friday maybe just some vacation updates. I might even post a few pictures. (Never done that before now) Hasta la vista baby!


3 thoughts on “So it begins.

    1. Thanks, I appreciate your comment. This has been a really stressful time for me. I have a double whammy thing going on. Bipolar and intestinal malrotation causes loads of pain. One of those “rare adult” conditions which are usually caught very young in life. Lots of doctors haven’t seen it in adults. (Sorry, I tend to give too much info when manic. ..)


      1. I’m sorry to hear you are in pain as well. I can relate as I have a disease in my spine and am due for surgery asap. So I am also in a lot of pain, so I completely understand how overwhelming it is to be physically and mentally ill. It’s really hard not to say “why me?” Obviously I am not a doctor but I am a very inquisitive person and I refuse to believe there is not more that can be done besides conventional therapy and medication. This is what my blog is all about, searching in every nook and cranny for options, insights and ideas that may or may not be in the mainstream. Anything I find out I will post to my blog. Take care friend, you are in my thoughts.


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