Two more days before the first xray and I’m not doing well. The fiber that I’m taking daily is filling me up. I have no reason to believe that my bowel pattern will be than usual. That means that i will still full for after the xrays are done, maybe even when i see the dr next week. But if i find out anything it will be worth it.

Current plan is to go stay up in St. Louis for three days, two of which I have xrays to get taken. During that time a short vacation is in order. The art museum, which I’ve never been to is on the list. The zoo too, weather permitting, no heat wave that is. rain IS permitted! Lol!

In the meantime my mood is short. Short with everyone and everything. My meds are working, but not enough. Not yet anyway. I see my prescriber in a of weeks. I think I’m going to ask a more aggressive treatment plan. She said that she wanted to get rid of the seroquel but I’m going to argue against that. The abilify i think is working but at such a low dose is hard for me to tell because the effects are so slight.

Anyway, if I don’t explode then i may have answers soon. 😁


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