St louis

This week i go for radiology. I had just recently asked the dr to reduce my pain patch. .it was a mistake.  I sent him a message about raising it to the previous level and he should do it. He was skeptical about reducing it in the first place.

Anyway,  St. Louis,here we come! While we are there mic and myself are going to make it a kind of mini vacation as we haven’t done anything at all this year. There plenty to see and do there.  I’m a little nervous about the testing. One thing that in pretty sure of, no colectomy for me. If it comes to that I’m going to see about a stimulator to make my colon work. I’ve read some research and i believe that it would work for me.

Surgeries have really done a number on my innards. It could be argued that it was my own fault but i thought i was doing a good thing.

Lunch is over. .bye!


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