Ignorance Squared

I love micromanagement. There is nothing more satisfying to have a manager come stand around the department and point out obvious things that are usually in the works for correction. I believe that if they have that kind of time on their hands they can just do the work themselves. Then when the facility manager comes by he can promote them on the spot. I know i would. Department managers work is to assign people to work on projects. If a support manager sees something wrong, their part of the job is to inform him so he can send someone to do the work.

My brother and i have discussed this at length. The theory that we came with its that: ignorance is bliss. It can be trained or taught. Stupid is forever and there is no cure. Ignorance that fails being taught twice is ignorance squared which equals stupid. Hence: ignorance squared = stupid and there is no cure,.

Managers who are stupid have no hope. Ignorant managers can be trained x 2. Stupid ensures and the only recourse to fire them or promote them. There is no cure.


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