ALL lives mean something!

I am in a difficult state of mind today. I saw that slogan “Black lives matter” for the thousandth time and it bit me to bone. Does black lives matter mean that the rest of the world is shit to be walked on? I’m betting that there will be those that will say “Hell yes!”.

How is the world supposed to respond to this message? Violent deaths occur to all races and nationalities. Recent events have highlighted the deaths of a number of black people and they are truly tragic. I think that the statistics should be brought to light across the board. For example, how many hispanics have been killed in the same time frame? Italians? Hawaiians? Are their deaths any less tragic?

I realize that black people want a call to arms that can be theirs alone. But that call is inflammatory, it instills unrest in readers and might, in and of itself, invite more discord. Maybe that is the foundation of “Black lives matter”, i don’t know, but I’d like to think that All lives matter.


2 thoughts on “ALL lives mean something!

  1. Of course all lives “matter”, but that isn’t the point of the saying. It’s partly the difficulty of choosing a slogan simple enough to shout and promote. “Black lives aren’t given the same consideration and respect as the lives of others” just doesn’t have the same ring. And it’s an American problem more than a world problem. The cops in Paris don’t stop people for “driving/walking while black” like they do here.


    1. Why then does it seem to be an “American” problem? Is it because there are no blacks in other countries? Of course not. Are they not persecuted elsewhere? Yes! Many places. So why an American problem. ..hmmmm


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