Don’t read this. It’s not worth reading.

My life sucks in so many ways. Up and down, mostly down, it’s taking its toll on me. Not to mention the people who are around me putting up with what i do. … As much as i dislike me, being on the receiving end has got to be rotten.

So, what to do. I’ve got a screwed up body that hurts and doesn’t work right plus, a bipolar brain and multiple personality disorder. It’s actually the brain that comes first on the hit parade. Maybe it’s actually a tie. My default is to do absolutely nothing.I do that pretty well, nothing that is.

I do good pity parties too. If it weren’t for them my life wouldn’t have much entertainment at all. I’m sick. I’m tired. I used to have suicidal ideations but it takes to much to think about it, let alone act on any of that shit. I hurt too much as it is.


5 thoughts on “Don’t read this. It’s not worth reading.

  1. I find you to be engaging, friendly, and lovely. Moodswings happen but I know your heart Brother! Remember when you broke my toenail? I do not hold That against you! Love, William Lee Eggert


      1. So, what’s not to remember? The rock crushed the root bed and off came one nail. The the door lifts the other nail right off! Pretty memorable I’d think. . 😕


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