My mouth (figuratively speaking)

My mouth, figuratively speaking, has cost me another friend. I will not do or say anything on purpose to harm another person. I don’t have to do anything willfully though, sooner or later it will just spill out of me. I’m not even sure what I’ve done. I’ll get online and when i try to communicate ill get “sorry this person isn’t taking messages from you at this time”.

Whatever that I’ve said, I’m sorry.

This seems to be part of who I am. I do not want to be this person who drives people from himself.


One thought on “My mouth (figuratively speaking)

  1. I can relate. I am always saying the wrong thing, and don’t realize it until I see that others have taken what was supposed to be a harmless comment as insulting or offensive. Its hard to deal with…. like on the movie Silver Linings Playbook— I say more inappropriate things than appropriate. Oops…


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