Dark hope

I am assuredly headed for a depressive episode. I don’t want it to happen, maybe if I just try not to get depressed, then I’ll power my way through. I saw it on episode of ER ,this guy was down in the dumps and his mama came in and told him to “snap his punk ass out of it!” And what do you know, it worked!

Meanwhile, back in reality, the rest of us are doing our best to live one day at a time. I jest, of course. F gummy how, for me, my body signals things that will be. Increased pain, a darkened attitude that i can’t stop, both are physical signals that dark days are coming. Knowing this, i can do some things. I can quench my anger to keep it from people who have no idea why I’m mad. This is a real plus as in the past anger would be coming out and I assumed that it needed out.

Lack of interaction with others is another story. When I’m down, i don’t to be physically close to many people. Time will tell how it will play out. Being a sales floor employee might make it difficult to do job. I’m going to give it my best shot. Come what may.


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